a lovely maternity robe


Oh hey there. As Marisa so lovingly announced last week, it's been a wild and wacky week and a half for me! Except for a couple pre-scheduled posts, I haven't written since having a BABY! Yay!!! And here I am, sleepy and bleary-eyed but smitten and alive to tell the tale. Of all the exhilarating, life-changing, high-intensity moments, things and decisions that I've experienced in the past 12 days, there's one tiny little tid bit I'd like to share. My birth plan, you ask? My hospital recommendation? My breastfeeding essentials? Nope: my robe.


Something about Marisa that has rubbed off on me over our years of friendship is her You Feel As Good As You Look philosophy. Marisa always looks cute, don't get me wrong, but if she comes into the studio with hair blown out, bright lipstick, AND a cute pair of wedges...I know she's probably sleepy, bummed, or overwhelmed about something. It's way better than my reaction to those things- when I was sleepy, bummed, or overwhelmed, I used to shluff around in sweatpants with dirty hair. Recently I've taken Marisa's more attractive approach, and she's right...sometimes looking a little better on the outside has a way of elevating your mood. I knew from last time that the first days of motherhood, especially with a c section to recover from, can be overwhelming to say the least. Honestly?...I'm not sure if I showered during Vivi's first whole month of life! Focusing on beauty prep might seem shallow when you're planning your maternity hospital stay, but when I packed my bag this time, I included a nice rose water face spray and this maternity hospital robe (the one pictured at top) from Silk and More, on Etsy. Slipping out of the hospital gown and into this each morning made me feel instantly more human, despite the less-than-glamorous aspects of recovering from childbirth. And it made a nice backdrop for the thousands of snapshots we took off Cass those few days!


Silk and More has an awesome line of maternity hospital gowns and kaftans in beautiful patterns of light, gauzy cotton. Some even have buttoned openings in back for an epidural, so you could wear it as your actual labor gown. But she has a wide range of non-maternity robes and kaftans, too, including sets of robes in matching or assorted patterns, for bridesmaid gifts. I love that idea for wedding-morning prep! They're also super affordable, and arrived quickly, too.


You can kind of see a glimpse of my robe here, in one of our first family moments at the hospital. Way better than the drab grey one the hospital gave me. Such a simple switch that brightened up a bright-but-bleary-eyed occasion!

Do you have any simple tricks you use to feel pretty and bright in a no-so-glamorous situation?

(all robe photos from Silk and More; family snapshot by Aunt Becky)