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Happy Monday!  This past Saturday I had my first spa day since my 1-year-old was was sooooo lovely. But Monday is hitting me hard! Here are a few links to get us through til next weekend...

Luckily, according to this article, relaxation like my Saturday spa day isn't just a luxury - it's a biological necessity. Supposedly breaks like naps, daydreaming, and vacation are an important way to "make the most of our beautiful brains." You're welcome, brain.

...and reading that article got this song stuck in my head.

I love the relaxed beachy style of this brand from buddy designers Ascot and Hart.

You can lend that "beachy washed-out vibe" to your house, too, by checking out this quick tutorial on how to whitewash furniture.

Woah - these laser cut paper designs by artist Eric Standley are insane!

Here's a suggestion to use the principles of culinary organization in your life as a whole.

As long as we're all acting like chefs - combat the mid-week cooking slump with some tips from Bon Appetit's test kitchen. And here are 5 foods that can save you money if you make them at home (I really need to follow #4!).

London club The Book Club is giving Miley Cyrus-themed twerking classes this weekend. If only we could hop (or should I say booty pop) across the pond in time!

Find some inspiration for your late-summer wardrobe with these best nautical looks from the Vogue archives.

This is Marisa's favorite thing ever.

What Full House looks like without the jokes...(it's almost funnier when it's sad!)

If you needed another excuse to pull out those shades, here's an explanation of why people look hotter in sunglasses.

XRay GIFs look so cool!

Happy internet surfing...have a great week!