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Looks like we have a stormy day ahead...perfect for sitting at your computer and procrastinating on the world wide web! Here are some links to get you through to the weekend...

Marisa and I are both guilty of over-apologizing. I'm going to start working sorrynotsorry into my vocabulary more!

Here's a way to up the ante on our summer pledge to eat ice cream every day...boozy ice cream to eat every day!

These Art Deco invitations make me want to throw a Gatsby party! And this cluster star necklace, new at JCrew, would be just the accessory for it.

Research shows that people live longer when they have a sense of purpose. So it's always a good time to stop and ponder the meaning of it all...

...and speaking of stopping and pondering...I love the stillness of these landscapes by Debra Bloomfield - it feels calming just to look at them (via Blend Images - THE BLOG!)

It's fun to poke around these historical maps of the NYC subway system. The colorful ones from 1968 and 1972 are my favorites.

I'm not sure how grunge I am, but I really like the idea of getting a mystery outfit in the mail.

These are some serious burger photos.

Using photography as a balm for mental illness.

Just another reason to visit the beach, Home Movie Night just started every Wednesday evening at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. Enter your movie - there are prizes to win!

Put your blue jeans on and get your summer country fix - Blake Shelton is playing at MSG this weekend! (any other Voice-obsessed fans out there?)

As for where I'll be this baby brother is getting married!!  I'll be using these tips from the author of Wedding Crashers when giving my toast at the rehearsal dinner on Friday (wish me luck!). And I'm thinking of wearing my hair in some kind of braided updo like this one. I wish it was my wedding, because I'd sure like to be leaving for a honeymoon like this one...

And in case you missed 'em - these are my favorite Chasing Saturdays posts from last week:

Happy Monday!