links we love

Oh, is it Monday again?  It's so hard to keep track on these summer days.  Here are some links to help you procrastinate on the internet instead of getting any work done, until we can get back to the business of summer weekend fun...

Fancy yourself a mac'n'cheese connoisseur? Now's your chance to show up and judge "the ultimate mac'n'cheese showdown," the MacDaddy, happening in NYC this Saturday.

And in the name of's a little quiz to see if you're smart enough to get into an elite private kindergarten.  I can't lie...I may have gotten one wrong...

The history and meaning of boy bands - including a playlist you just might enjoy more than you're willing to admit...

My husband and I are checking out this bluegrass music festival this weekend (wish us luck on our first camping trip with a one-year-old!)

Photo tips using household objects.

This wallpaper makes me want a beach side bungalow even more than ever (via Design Sponge).

We kind of want everything from this highsummer sale at Madewell.

Ready for a last minute summer trip?: