We - Marisa and Jamie - met in 2007 via Craigslist. Marisa responded to an ad Jamie posted looking for a producer for her photography company, and we have been creating photos together ever since.  With a shared love of champagne, silly dances, and Beyoncé, our professional relationship became a fast friendship, resulting in us often accidentally dressing alike and finishing each other's sentences.

We started this site as a way to take pause in our own days to chase that "Saturday feeling" all week long. We are spazzy but enthusiastic - we spill things and burn things and get lost and make messes. But we usually giggle a lot together (and pick up some tricks) along the way. Hope our posts inspire you to get messy, too. To craft, cook, clink...or indulge in nothing at all...

Jamie is a native New Yorker, photographer, optimist, Giants fan, mother and wife, lover of soul music, wine enthusiast, chip off the old block. There is almost nothing she loves more than a summer day by the ocean.

Marisa hails from Long Island, but belongs in London.  She is a morning person, lover of puns, crosswords, tacos, tapas, good tv, bad tv, and all things Swedish and Japanese.  Liz Lemon is her hero.


Making pictures is what we do - we've taken all the photos on this site unless otherwise noted. We're super psyched if you like them and are happy for you to share them for non-commercial purposes, but we ask that you link back to the original post and/or give credit where it's due. Likewise, if we ever do re-post an image, we'll be sure to site the origin of it when possible. If you see your work here and it isn't credited, let us know right away and we'll fix it. Thanks!